Aspen White Simple Visions Along Chicago Creek Ephemeral Light Dune Light Traces Left Behind This Land Unnatural Forms Corn Lily Dance California and the Sierra
Light Form, Capital Reef National Park, Utah 2014 Anniversary Roses, Parker, Colorado 2010 Apples, Snowmass, Colorado 2003 Aspen & Berries, Aspen, Colorado 2011 Aspen, Night, Aspen, Colorado 2011 Ice Form, Chicago Creek, Colorado 2015 Balanced Stone, Capital Reef National Park, Utah 2014 Castlewood Falls, Colorado 2010 Bat Light, The Grottos, Independence Pass, Colorado 2001 Bristlecone Root, Mt. Goliath, Colorado 2009 Broken WIndow #1, Parker, Colorado 2012 Broken Window #2, Parker, Colorado 2012 Burned Forest, Winter, Mesa Verde, Colorado 2000 Buttress, St. Francis Church, Rancho de Taos, New Mexico 2005 Balance, Cherry Creek, Colorado 2007 Chatfield Study XVIII, Denver, Colorado 2006 Cross Ties, Amarillo, Texas 2012 Denver Art Museum Study VIII, Colorado 2009 Denver Art Museum Study IV, Colorado 2009 Detail, Maroon Creek, Aspen, Colorado 2004 Erratic, South Platte River, Colorado 2004 Fallen Cross, Northern New Mexico, 2013 Floating Stone, Roaring Fork, Aspen, Colorado 2012 Flowing water, South Platte, Colorado 2012 Frosted Clover, Delores River Canyon, Colorado, Grotto Interior Study #3, Aspen, Colorado 2001 Motion Study IX, Lee Vining, California 2004 Cracked Mud, Moab, Utah 2012 Maple Leaves, Parker, Colorado 2011 Cracked Paint, Miners Cabin, Silver Plume, Colorado 2015 Three Stones, Maroon Lake, Colorado 2003 Grain Elevators, Binger, Oklahoma, 2014 Window Curtain, Silver Plume, Colorado 2015 White Washed Doors, Parker, Colorado 2013 Window Detail, Parker, Colorado 2016 Winter Kill, Kenosha Pass, Colorado 2009 Three Stones, Last Light, Chatfield, Colorado 2006 Untitled, Monteray, California, 2019 Nautilus #3, 2009
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